Outessa is a women’s only weekend getaway made of stunning views, opens spaces and adventure. Imagine a custom schedule built from hundreds of options, wholesome food, good wine, challenges and the professional instruction to meet them. You can find time to yourself or the synergy of dauntless women. This is an event where you indulge in any outdoor activity you desire without a shred of guilt. You’ll come back enlivened with new skills and lifelong friends. Outessa is every women’s weekend. Join us. Open the outdoors. 
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Heidi Wirtz

Brand Ambassador

Heidi is one of the country’s few prominent female adventure climbers who’s been climbing for 20-plus years. Her explorations have led her to exotic and remote places around the world, where she’s pioneered routes up big walls and mountains. She is known in the US as Heidi Almighty for her bold and technical climbing as well as speed ascents in Yosemite Valley. She’s been an alpine and rock climbing guide for over 15 years. Heidi also owns Earth Play Retreats.